Anita has almost two decades worth of experience training and working in classical ballet companies. Throughout her career she has worked with dancers to rehabilitate them after injury and since coming back to London she has been working for years with her private clients while forming her company Strength and Grace.


Anita combines Ballet, Pilates, HIIT and targeted stretching into her sessions. There is a real emphasis in educating her clients in the exercises they are performing insuring they have a true understanding of why they are doing them but also how to translate this into their everyday life. Having either experienced personally many of the injuries her clients are experiencing Anita aims to rehabilitate and target key muscle groups that significantly reduce the chances of their injuries happening again.

“I am extremely results driven. Not just in rehabilitation but also in targeting specific areas of the body that you feel you would like to change. I work with our resident nutritionist to help you achieve optimal weight, health and exercise performance.”



Carl was in the military for 20 years and during this time trained his fellow soldiers as a physical training instructor. Carl has taken part in Olympic and long distance triathlons, 10km cross country races and functional fitness events throughout the whole of his career.

As Carl got older he transitioned from long distance endurance sports to weight training, focusing more on building muscle to increase bone density and muscle mass. This form of training decreases the likelihood of injury and age related diseases while also helping level out hormone production which can increase longevity.

“I find great satisfaction helping my clients get results. With a little determination, and encouragement from myself your goals can quickly become reality.” - Carl



With a background in professional ballet, Emily’s classes are all about exploring foundational postures lead by the flow of the breath and freedom of movement. Finding fluidity in both mind and body while encouraging her students to practice from a place of love and acceptance. Her gentle and affable nature off the mat is carried on throughout her teaching to leave you with a glow of contentment as you float off the mat feeling ready for anything.

“There's something so liberating and empowering about allowing our bodies the space to find freedom in movement, using our breath as the guide.” - Emily



Dermot was a Lance Corporal in the Army Reserve before he decided to pursue his passion for health and fitness and start work within the industry as a personal training instructor.

He has previously ran boot camps for Be Military Fit training large groups of people before he found his true passion lay with Calisthenics and helping people discover what their body is capable of through bodyweight exercises and movement. His sessions regularly involve little or no equipment and can vary from full body workouts to handstand training and isometric exercises.

“I love my job and get a real buzz from helping people achieve their potential and make a real mind-body connection.” – Dermot

Lynn Butler.jpg

Lynn – Nutritionist

As a nutritionist, Lynn is passionate about the powerful effects of nutrition on our minds and bodies. Lynn has been practising in the health and wellness field for over ten years, working with both private and public sector clients, including in the NHS.

Lynn holds an MSc in Nutrition and Public Health from the University of Bristol and a First Class BSc (hons) in Sport Science from the University of Surrey, meaning she understands perfectly the demands of sport and exercise on the body and how to support her clients to meet their nutritional needs. Nutrition is the cornerstone of any effective health and wellness program. Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain lean muscle, improve sports and exercise performance or improve mental and physical wellbeing.

“It’s so rewarding to help and support my clients providing tailored nutritional programs. Anita and I work together closely to provide the best service helping you to really see results.” - Lynn