During my years as a professional ballet dancer I came across a large amount of injuries not only with myself but with others that needed rehabilitation. When I came back to London I saw the value in the professional experience dancers acquire after decades of training and thought helping others in this area seemed the natural progression.

My husband is in the military so offered a different dynamic to my vision as military physical training instructors also have years of practical experience with fitness and injury prevention.

Strength and Grace utilise trainers with professional backgrounds in dance and the military to help clients achieve their potential and find out what their bodies are capable of. We offer a variety of different techniques including ballet, yoga, pilates, calisthenics, hypertrophy training and full body stretching sessions. Perfect for those who want to build and tone muscle through strength training while working on their flexibility, balance, agility and coordination. We aim to offer dynamic and engaging training sessions creating a supportive and friendly atmosphere while being extremely results driven.

Our emphasis is on educating the clients we teach on the exercises they are performing, making sure they have a true understanding of why they are doing them but also how to translate this into their everyday life. Having either experienced personally many of the injuries our clients are experiencing we aim to rehabilitate and target key muscle groups that significantly reduce the chances of their injury happening again.

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Anita taught me during pregnancy and post natal. She is extremely knowledgeable and has an impressive understanding of the body. She focuses on toning and creating long lean limbs working on very specific muscle groups. She tailored my sessions to suit me after discussing my areas of concern and I was left with a completely different body shape, she is amazing and I couldn’t recommend her more!
— Arabella, Kensington